What foods can ameliorate the symptoms of schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia is a mental disorder distinguished by the disintegration of thoughts processes and emotional receptiveness. Most often is manifested by auditory hallucinations, paranoid or peculiar delusions or disorganized verbal communication and thinking accompanied by social or occupational dysfunction.

Schizophrenia affects more than 24 million people worldwide.  Symptoms consist of hallucinations, personality changes, paranoid delusions. It seems that the disease is inherited. People suffering from this psychiatric disease can display sleep and alimentary disorders as well as depression. Schizophrenia is known to occur most frequently during old age, therefore, a term life insurance for the elderly can be beneficial in order to protect the financial future of your family members in case something unfortunate occurs.

Early schizophrenia usually occurs in adolescence or young and if medication is of vital importance, a balanced diet can be also helpful. Those suffering from schizophrenia often suffer from hypoglycemia. To combat this problem, the diet should contain more fruits and vegetables, regular snacks consisting of foods high in slow release carbohydrates. Depending on the medication, a schizophrenic may need vitamins and mineral supplements. Some people who develop schizophrenia had learning difficulties or were hyperactive children and it is possible that some of these problems have been caused by allergies. schizophreniaEliminating dairy from the diet decreases the calcium intake which means that people have to increase the consumption of other foods that contain calcium such as canned sardines with bones and calcium supplements. Moreover, these people must reduce the consumption of caffeine in tea, Coca Cola, coffee and chocolate for the reason that it increases the renal excretion of calcium. Wheat and gluten-containing foods can be substituted with potato or grain products like corn, millet and barley. People should also avoid alcohol consumption because it can react dangerously with medications that you are administering to yourself.

Although schizophrenia cannot be controlled by diet alone, it can be improved by resorting to a balanced diet (by bringing back all the essential nutrients that missing from all known allergens) and medication.

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