Smoking and food habits – Is there a strong link between them ?

We all know or at least we should be aware of the fact that smokers present a high risk of heart and respiratory, cancer, lung, mouth, throat, stomach, pancreas, cervix and rectum diseases, as well as a form of leukemia. About half of these smokers die from tobacco usage while most suffer from symptoms such as indigestion.

health-smoking-drinking-eatingThe best advice is to quit smoking for good, but for those who do not want to do that, a change in diet could counteract some harmful and dangerous consequences for our lives. Nowadays, life and stressful schedule, poor diet, high intake of saturated fats, salt and alcohol are factors that increase the risk of severe disease to smokers. Even if you adopt a healthy diet, all you can do is to reduce the harms and eventually quit smoking.

Studies have shown that smokers need a substantial amount of vitamin C. The recommended dose of vitamin C for a smoker is 80 mg per day, while for a non-smoker is only 40mg per day. It is never too late to quit this bad and harmful addiction. Lungs and nose irritation is reduced almost immediately and 10-15 later after he or she stops smoking, an ex-smoker will have the same risk of heart diseases as a non-smoker. In this situation a cheap life insurance for seniors is very helpful in order to protect the financial future of your loved ones in case an unfortunate event might happen. The funeral and burial costs or the medical services of a serious illness can cause financial bankruptcy to your family and, of course, you would not want that to happen, right?

In order to quit smoking, diet might be a good incentive. Food cravings associated with nicotine withdrawal can be attenuated to decrease the rate of nicotine excretion by the kidneys. This can be achieved by increasing the alkalinity of urine. In order to achieve this, people need to increase the alkalinity of their diet whilst reducing the consumption of acidic foods. For several days, you should eliminate all major sources of protein in your diet especially those proteins that are contained in meat, eggs, fish and most cereals, although you can moderately consume milk and dairy products because of their high calcium content. It is known that calcium has alkaline effect, so it is beneficial in this situation. At the same time, you should eat fruits and vegetables because they are rich in potassium and magnesium.

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