Senior Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance for Seniors – Affordable even for the Elderly!

When reaching a certain age, it’s perfectly understandable to start worrying about your future financial needs and the burdens you may or may not leave on your loved ones. Term Life Insurance for Seniors is one of the best ways in which you can protect your assets in the event of death. It comes in several types, but the basic idea is somewhat the same: you make monthly payments in order to receive coverage. The lump sum your loved ones receive when you pass away is called the “death benefit”.

When it comes to senior term life insurance, the death benefit consists of the total of your monthly premiums, because it does not accumulate cash value over time. Term life implies that you will be insured for a specific number of years, therefore you can benefit from it only if you pass away during that period of time. For seniors, the maximum length of the contract is usually 20 years. Also, the amount of coverage will be calculated based on your age and the condition of your health. In comparison to whole life and universal insurance, term life is a lot cheaper, therefore very affordable.

Term Life Insurance for Seniors


Usually, applying for an elderly life insurance policy implies undergoing a medical exam. Based on the results of the exam, you can get standard rates, be rated or be declined. For people who have been declined the privilege of having life insurance in the past, there is another option: guaranteed acceptance life insurance. The name states the obvious – anyone can purchase this type of life insurance, and it doesn’t require medical examination. The coverage is quite good, but the rates are higher in order to cover for the risks undertaken by the carrier. Additionally, for those who wish to avoid medical exams, there are two other types of insurance: graded benefit life insurance and simplified insurance.

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