Fear of Aging and How to Overcome It.

Us, young and healthy individuals rarely think about the inevitability of aging and confront it when we’re well in our late youth. Being scared of aging is understandable, given the fact that we still can’t completely comprehend the aging process (meaning: scientifically speaking, we are, of course, enlightened, but from an abstract point of view – we still can’t manage to completely face the fact that we are, as we speak, aging and that aging comes with numerous new life “features”).

Fear lies within ourselves, and if we want to overcome it, all we have to do is accept the following facts:

  1. If you fear something which can be changed or prevented, put all your efforts into changing the changeable.
  2. If what you fear is out of your reach, let it be and focus on what is IN your reach.
  3. If you are facing a fearful situation, remember that fear is only a state of mind and it’s in your power to decide what can and cannot control you.

Aging comes with various factors which are known to be fearsome and depressing, such as a declining health condition, loss of independence, rigidity, and others. Nobody contests the impact these aspects of aging have on individuals, but a positive outlook can make the aging process more bearable, sometimes even relaxing.

A healthy retirement implies energy and health, good interpersonal relationships and financial security. Health and energy can be maintained by proper alimentation, vitamins and regular walks or work-outs (for the adventurous). Interpersonal relationships can be stimulated by attending events and cultivating entertainment, instead of self-imposed isolation (another great aging fear is isolation). Financial security can be obtained by the means of well made, planed-ahead investments. One should start planning his/her retirement about five years in advance.

Fear is just a state of mind – if you can manage to take a glimpse at the aging process from a different perspective, you may be capable to overcome it (the fear).

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