Elderly Life Insurance vs Critical Illness Insurance!

A big part of retirement planning is deciding on a right insurance plan. Two options should be considered: life insurance for seniors or a critical illness plan. Each of these policies can benefit seniors in different ways. The choice will depend largely on the financial situation and needs of each individual. Our job is to compare the two plans and let you decide which is right for you.


Elderly life insurance

Life insurance guarantees a death benefit in exchange for regular premium payments. The death benefit is received by the designated beneficiaries after the insured passes away. Since it pays proceedings only after the insured dies, life insurance is best used to provide financial support for family members.

Life coverage is best used to cover funeral expenses. A funeral can cost over 9,000 and many families have difficulties covering the expenses. A life insurance plan will not specifically cover burial costs, but the remaining relatives can use the insurance proceedings to cover such expenses. Life insurance money can be used as the beneficiaries see fit.

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness plans will pay proceedings if the insured is diagnosed with a terminal disease. Unlike life insurance for seniors, this type of plan pays out proceedings when the insured is still alive.  It is a way for seniors to make sure they will be able to afford expensive medical treatment. Many American families file for bankruptcy because they cannot cover the expensive medical costs needed for treating a critical illness.

The biggest downside is that seniors may never receive the benefit if they remain healthy. Of course, this is not such a bad thing, considering the person remains healthy, but it is still wasted money paying for something you will never use.

In conclusion, life insurance for seniors is best used to cover final expenses and provide financial stability for dependable family members. On the other hand, critical illness insurance provides financial relief for expensive medical treatment.

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