Can You Find Affordable Life Insurance For Seniors Who Smoke?

Fining affordable life insurance for seniors who smoke is a real challenge. Life insurance senior citizens is expensive as it is, but if you smoke, you make premiums even higher, which will not be very good for your finances. Seniors during retirement do not have a lot of financial sources and retirement planning is very important.

old-man-smoking-432510Since smoking is linked with many terminal illnesses like lung cancer, pneumonia and heart problems, agencies consider smokers a potential risk. As a consequence, your rates will be affected and your premiums will increase. Premiums are always influenced by the rates you get.

Besides bad habits, your rates are influenced by your age too. As a senior, you will not b able t get a traditional life insurance plan if you are over 65 years old. Furthermore, because of your age, your premiums will be automatically higher.

 How to reduce life insurance senior citizens costs

1. Pick lower coverage

Pick lower coverage, enough to pay for funeral taxes or to secure a certain financial need of your family. The lower the coverage is, the lower the premiums. Try to focus on an urgent and serious financial need that your family may have after you die. For example, many seniors buy life coverage in order to cover their funeral taxes.

2. Quit smoking

Quitting smoking for at least a year can help you reduce life insurance quotes. Smoking increases your rates by 400% and it can cause serious medical problems. Quitting is all in all, the best way to improve your life insurance rates. Quitting smoking is even more important if you are a smoker!

3. Search for quotes

Searching for quotes is a simple way of selecting cheaper life insurance from different providers. Searching for quotes is simple and fats and it can save you a lot of money on life insurance.

In conclusion, finding affordable life insurance for seniors who smoke is difficult and you should consider quitting the habit if you are on a tight budget. Also, seniors should always search for quotes before purchasing a plan!

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