Can Life Insurance Cover Mortgage Loans?

Taking mortgage loans is one of the most common ways people manage to own a house. However, if you or your family cannot continue to pay the mortgage rates, you are in danger of losing your house. Covering mortgage loans is a big concern for many parents and bread-winners and seniors who ask if elderly life insurance can aid them.

annuity 1(1)Life insurance is a policy signed between an insurance agency and a person, who in exchange for premiums will have the guarantee of a death benefit. The death benefit will be received by the insured’s beneficiaries only and if the insured dies under the policy’s terms.

The life insurance benefit is received tax-free and it can be used by the beneficiary in any way he or she wants. Of course, when naming a beneficiary you should choose someone from your family. If something happens and you suddenly die, the family members (if they are the beneficiaries) will use the insurance payout to pay off the mortgage loans. Of course, they are free not to do this, but that would be illogical.

Choosing the right beneficiaries is very important. It should be someone you can trust like your spouse or other close relatives.

You can also create an insurance trust and have the coverage money redirected there. The advantage of an insurance trust fund is that you have more control over your insurance money. For example, you can decide on what to spend the money. You can leave instructions through your lawyer, accountant or even in your testimony. Trust funds are a secure way of keeping your life insurance money, but it can come at a cost of flexibility and speed.

Life insurance is an important investment because of the benefit it provides. Your family can pay for many other things than mortgage rates. Life insurance money can be used for anything from paying for college to day-to-day expenses.

In conclusion, when buying life insurance to pay for mortgage rates, it is important to designate a trustworthy beneficiary or to open a trust fund.

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