Is No Exam Life Insurance A Good Plan for Married Couples?

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Being married makes your life easier and more pleasant, since you have someone to rely on. But being married also implies a series of responsibilities to your spouse and children, if you have ones. You must make sure that they receive food and all the bills will be paid in time. Also, education is very expensive and it would be a good idea to save money with some time ahead. This is why so many

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5 Surprising Things That Affect Life Insurance Rates!

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Obtaining life insurance for seniors is not as easy as you may think and there are many factors that influence the outcome of negotiations and the final price of premiums. We present you a list with 5 surprising things that affect life insurance rates: 1)      Your weight. Insurance companies have strict standards regarding the weight of a client. They use the Body Mass Index. This is measure for human body shape based on the mass

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How to Buy Life Insurance Without Medical Exams!

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Life insurance is an important contract for any responsible citizen. An insurance policy will provide important financial benefits when the insured dies or gets sick. These benefits will be paid to the designated beneficiary, or, in case of hospitalization, to the medics and nurses that treat the insured. Regrettably, not all people are qualified for standard policies, especially people that have more than 50 years old. For them, their only chance for coverage is to

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No Medical Exam Life Insurance: Can People With Diabetes Qualify?

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No medical exam life insurance features a simpler underwriting process. Unlike traditional plans, these plans do not require medical tests to qualify for a plan. The whole application process consists of completing an application form. This means that people who have diabetes have higher chances of qualifying for coverage. How is diabetes viewed by insurance agencies? Diabetes is a terminal illness which, if not treated, can cause death. Thanks to modern medicine, diabetics can enjoy

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Elderly Life Insurance vs Critical Illness Insurance!

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A big part of retirement planning is deciding on a right insurance plan. Two options should be considered: life insurance for seniors or a critical illness plan. Each of these policies can benefit seniors in different ways. The choice will depend largely on the financial situation and needs of each individual. Our job is to compare the two plans and let you decide which is right for you. Elderly life insurance Life insurance guarantees a

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Seniors Life Insurance: 3 Tips For Finding Affordable Rates!

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 Life insurance for elderly is available at affordable rates, but you need to follow some simple steps in order to find a plan. You will need to compare quotes, discuss with an insurance agent and improve your overall health condition. Life insurance plans for seniors are becoming more available and it is now easier than ever to qualify for coverage! Here are 3 tips for finding life insurance for seniors at affordable rates: 1.       Compare

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Life Insurance For Seniors – When Do You Need It?

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Getting life insurance for seniors should be the goal of every responsible senior citizen in the US. It not a matter of why or when you need it, but rather how to find it. The reasons for purchasing life insurance are obvious: to ensure financial stability for your family, after your death. Recent events have shocked the foundation of our economy and banks were the first to collapse. As a result, more and more people

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No Exam Life Insurance Quotes And The Importance Of Calling An Insurance Agent

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You may think that life insurance policies are not for everybody and having a medical problem will seriously cripple the chances of getting any form of insurance. You could not be further from the truth if you ever thought that. There are so many companies that understood the huge number of people that need insurance even if they have medical issues. Only in the U.S. we have millions of people suffering of cancer. Denying the

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Life Insurance Quotes No Exam Can Provide Coverage For Diabetics

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Suffering of diabetes is extremely unpleasant. There are many limitations and strict diets that must be respected, if you want to diminish the effects of this unpleasant metabolic disease. Also, to treat diabetes is complicated and expenses. Even so, complications can occur and lead to cardiovascular diseases, chronic renal failures and even diabetic retinopathy (retinal damage). If something tragic happens, due to your condition, you will surely want the family to keep its financial stability.

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Senior Life Insurance Can Be Used In Estate Planning!

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Through a careful estate planning we can anticipate and arrange all our financial needs at any given moment in the future.  But you should take all means of financial protection if you want everything to go as planned.  Senior life insurance can be used in estate planning and is highly recommended to apply for this policy. Insurance contracts are very powerful financial tools and provide multiple benefits to both their policyholders and their dependents. Understanding

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