5 Reasons to Buy No Medical Exam Life Insurance for Your Family!

Although no exam life insurance is arguably one of the most controversial policies on the market, it also has many advantages. Here are 5 reasons you should buy no exam term life insurance for seniors:

  1. texas-insuranceYour age disqualifies you for any other types of insurance. Once you reach the age of 50 years, it becomes harder to get adequate policies. You are now considered a senior and seniors do not receive the best ratings, even if they do not have major medical problems. No medical exam life insurance companies do not discriminate persons based on their age. If you are tired of being constantly refused by insurers just because you are old, apply for no medical exam life insurance. You will surely get a better treatment.
  2. Having a pre-existing medical condition makes it almost impossible to get standard life insurance. No exam life insurance is also suitable for those with health issues. Of course, having a disease or disorder will increase the price, but you will receive a fair price and the extra money will be saved, being added to the upcoming death benefit.
  3. No exam life insurance offers temporary or permanent protection. You will have the opportunity to apply for the same type of insurance sold by different insurance companies. Those companies that sell no exam life insurance have plans for those that want permanent protection of those that want to be protected for a while. For example, if you have a disease and you are under treatment, buy no exam life insurance until you get well.
  4. You have many options. Although the maximum amounts of coverage are not that high, you can still get a high degree of flexibility. Even smaller amounts of coverage are very useful and will protect your family against financial hardship.
  5. No exam life insurance providers have reasonable prices. No exam life insurance can be a bit expensive, but not by much. The intense competition has made the prices lower in the past years. Verify the prices with the help of online quotes.

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