5 Reasons to Buy Accidental Death Life Insurance!

imagesMost people think to term life, whole life or life insurance without med exams when they hear about life insurance.  Today we present you a special type of insurance. Read about these 5 reasons to buy accidental life insurance:

  • Accidents are unpredictable. Accidents are events with less than usual chances to occur. This confers them a high degree of uncertainty and impossibility to predict. All we can do it to prepare and try to diminish the effects of an accident. The loss of an important family member is certainly tragic, but the effects will be even more disastrous if that person was also the money-earner of the family.
  • Beneficiaries will receive more money if you have this policy. This policy is also known as double indemnity because it provides double the amount of death benefit upon the death of the insured. However, death must occur within types of vehicles stated in the contract. If you die inside a sports car or in a vehicle for extreme sports, your beneficiaries will not be reimbursed.
  • It is recommended to buy it if you have a dangerous job, where accidents are more common than in other jobs. Auto mechanics, factory workers and people working with dangerous substances or machineries should be the first to apply for this type of insurance. Although group term life policies are typically offered by the employer, their benefits are not nearly enough to sustain your family if you suddenly die.
  • It is a cheap policy. Companies want to offer a relatively cheap policy because they want to be fair with you. The chances of dying due to a car accident are comparable with playing lotto. They are very low, but still, if this happen, the company will restitute full benefits and more.
  • You can get plenty of quotes. It is strongly advised to scan the market first and compare the most beneficial policies.

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