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An affordable senior life insurance can offer a piece of mind to you and your loved ones. Seniors know the importance of life insurance. Sadly, unexpected health issues or sudden expenses can happen to anyone . However, life insurance for seniors can help families in these unforeseen events; offering protection against burial costs and financial hardship. Don’t Delay! Our website helps the elderly shop for quotes from top providers in the nation. No wonder so many senior citizens choose to compare affordable rates here.

Our services are absolutely free and secure! In fact, we do not sell insurance. Our website is an informational resource that serves as a seniors’ one stop for comparison-shopping. Just answer a few basic questions such as your contact and general health information. Within seconds, you will be able to compare quotes from America’s leading life insurance companies, all competing to offer you coverage.


The idea of a one-stop insurance shopping resource that covers the entire industry is relatively new. What makes it possible, and so remarkable, is our advanced quoting technology.

Here at AffordableSeniorLifeInsurance.com –  we make it simple! Answer a few questions. And you are a click away from senior life insurance quotes at a cost within your means. And at a glance, you can evaluate the different offers before picking the one that is best for you. That’s what you call a modern convenience!

affordable senior life insurance

Our services deliver multiple quotes within minutes, helping you save time and money during this process. We understand that every expenditure is a significant one; thus, helping seniors spend the least amount possible for high-quality coverage. And we charge zero for the service – it is absolutely free! We want to make sure you can find coverage that is both affordable and appropriate for your needs. After all, it’s called life insurance, because it lasts for life!

You may want, and be able to afford, a policy with a large premium and multimillion-dollar benefit. Or it may be more realistic for you to buy a more modest-priced policy that provides excellent coverage.

Whether your definition of affordable is a high figure or low, you will find options for elderly life insurance quotes on our website.


One of the most important factors in obtaining a  cheap and affordable senior policy takes into consideration the overall health and risk factors of the insured.Are you healthy? Great!  But what if you have a pre-existing condition? … or a terminal illness? … Not to worry! We can help you find coverage.

Here are a few factors to keep in mind when shopping for a low cost life insurance policy:

  • Weight
  • Smoking Habits
  • Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Condition

Whatever your need, whatever your budget, you have come to the right place!